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Cycling glasses

At ES16 we have our very own collection of cycling glasses that match our stylish outfit. All our cycling glasses are delivered with a hard case, ES16 bag and of course an ES16 cleaning cloth so that your cycling glasses are always clean.

Cycling glasses have many purposes when you cycle. They must ensure that you are not blinded by the sun and that you do not get anything in your eyes when you cycle. And just as important that you look good on the bike and at the coffee stops.

Cycling glasses with Photochromic lens

The advantages of the technique of photochromic lens - and of its use in cycling:

The biggest advantage is that the cycling glasses change shade according to the light conditions. Therefore, you can get by with just one set of glasses in many cases. If you ride a mountain bike, for example, the changing light conditions can be bothersome if you ride with very dark cycling glasses. Here this type of glasses are really good, as they take a lot of the bright light, but still allow the rider to see the important contours of the terrain. The downside can be that the shades take up to 1 minute to change. Therefore it can also be a challenge.

If you spend most of your time on a racing bike or gravel bike, this type of cycling glasses can also be a really good choice, as the light conditions sometimes change somewhat in the shade/sun. Runners will also be very happy with these glasses, as you get here a little slower than on a bike and thus can make much better use of the glasses' qualities.



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