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Cycling jerseys

At ES16 we produce cycling jerseys for men and women in the best quality. We only make our cycling jerseys in the best factories in Europe. All our production is made with all considerations for the environment.

Cycling jerseys

In our assortment you will find a selection of different cycling jerseys which can be used both for road cycling, gravel and mountain biking. ES16 is Danish and only supplies quality cycling jerseys. ES16 has existed since 2016, and works with factories in Europe that have several decades behind them. In the last 6 years, we have improved and developed our cycling jerseys, which today gives you a razor-sharp product in your hands. Cycling jerseys are also called Jersey in the cycling world, and a long-sleeved cycling jersey is called Longsleeve jersey.

Cycling jerseys that fit just right for you

The cycling jerseys that you will find on this page are available in different sizes and colors ranging from the very small sizes up to the large sizes. This gives you plenty of opportunity to find a cycling jersey that fits your body. If we do not have your exact size in stock, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes. At ES16, we naturally make cycling jerseys for both men and women and children. The biggest difference in women's cycling jerseys is that they are slightly wider around the hips, due to the female shapes.

The cycling jerseys that you will find on our webshop have been developed so that they can be used in all kinds of weather and for all types of cycling. Therefore, the quality is also top notch, and at the same time there is a focus on good comfort and fit.

In the range here at ES16 you will also find a short-sleeved cycling jersey and the long-sleeved cycling jerseys. The long-sleeved cycling jerseys are used on the cool days when it is too cold with a short-sleeved one. Remember that you know purchases over DKK 399., get free delivery and returns with us.

Cycling jerseys for mountain bikes and gravel bikes

A cycling jersey can quickly become dirty and sweaty, so it can be an advantage to buy several cycling jerseys at home now that you are already at work. Even if some of the shirts are in the laundry basket, you always have a few more to choose from. This also gives you a larger selection when you are going into the forest on your mtb or gravel bike, and you can have sweaters for both cold and warm days. Fortunately, the prices have been reduced all the way here, as we are producers ourselves and skip the expensive part.

You will only find quality cycling jerseys in our range. Sweaters that keep you warm when the cold temperatures arrive. But also jerseys, which provide optimal freedom of movement, so you can cope with your cycling trips without difficulty.

All the cycling jerseys that you find at ES16 come in a good quality with long durability and a functional design, which is a necessity when you use the jerseys daily on the bike tours. The shirts are produced in a durable material, which means that they can be used often without much wear and tear. It is necessary that one's clothing feels comfortable when cycling.

Cycling jerseys for leisure use

Are you a cyclist with a big heart and drive a lot of km? Then it is recommended to buy several different cycling jerseys, which you will find in different qualities and for different uses. The thick cycling jerseys give you good insulation so you don't freeze during the cycling trip. We always focus on the good quality and high comfort, which makes the jerseys comfortable to wear in all kinds of weather.

Men's cycling jersey

In our large range of cycling clothing for men, we have several models. We have the Pro, elite and active models. In these 3 models there is a loose model and a racefit model. The same for cycling jersey men is that the quality is top notch.

Women's cycling jerseys

Women's cycling has become really big, which is why we have significantly expanded our category in women's cycling clothing. We have lots of women's models in many colors and sizes.

Keep warm with an extra cycling jersey

When cycling outdoors or in cold and cold weather, it can be advantageous to focus on all layers of your cycling clothing. Several work with a principle called the three-layer principle or layer-on-layer. In this way, you can constantly regulate the amount of cycling clothing, and thus also how warm you feel.

  1. The inner layer. This can be, for example, a base layer or tight-fitting jersey, which insulates the heat and transports the moisture away from the body. This ensures that you remain dry at all times regardless of the weather conditions that are present. It is important that you already get good heat insulation from your innermost layer. Feel free to choose a model with short sleeves in the summer and the long model in the winter.

  2. The middle layer. This layer should give you the most warmth. This can be, for example, a wool baselayer or a cotton jersey.

  3. The outer layer. A cycling jacket that suits the season. This layer should ensure that your other two layers do not get soaked. Choose, for example, a cycling jacket from our range, which is both rain and windproof.

When you are dressed in these three layers, you experience the ultimate in comfort - and you also have the option of taking off one layer at a time if you suddenly get too hot.

A good cycling jersey from our range can act as both the inner and middle layer, this depends on how the temperature is outside. You will find both thick and thin sweaters in the range, which are suitable for all kinds of weather. Use the sweater under a jacket in the winter and wear the sweater alone without a jacket in the summer.

Follow our size guide

If you are in doubt about which size to get, you can use our size guide which will give you a clear picture of this. Preferably have a tape measure nearby so you get a realistic picture of which size you need to click home to your address.

If the jersey is to be used as the inner layer, it may be a good idea to choose a cycling jersey that sits relatively close to the body. If, on the other hand, the shirt is to function as the middle layer, choose a looser and larger shirt.

Good quality for cheap money

At ES16 you can find quality cycling jerseys that can be used for many years to come.

If you want to take extra care of your sweaters, it is recommended to wash them less often and at a lower temperature. This will reduce wear and tear on the jerseys. If you use the jerseys as the inner layer, however, it may be necessary to wash them more often due to odors.


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