At ES16 we do not compromise with either quality or performance. That's why we have carefully selected our team clothing, which is the same as ALPECIN-FENIX and Mathieu Van Der Poel drive in.
At ES16, we are specialists in team clothing and can help you design and produce exactly the collection of cycling clothing you dream of. Our factory supplies, among other things, cycling clothing for the PRO tour team ALPECIN-FENIX and Mathieu van der Poel. If you want to ride in exactly the same clothes as them, read more here:

 Cycling and running gear for the whole team

At ES16, we are specialists in team clothing and can help you design and produce exactly the collection of cycling and running clothing you dream of. We have made cycling clothing for companies with their own logo and individual design for a lot of cycling clubs, running clubs and business clubs in all corners of the Danish cycling landscape.

You can see some inspiration on our blog, where we have a small sample of all the clubs and companies we have delivered to. See HERE

We also have our very own design, which we sell to over 39 countries. See our large selectionHERE

The collections are produced in the best factories in Europe with several generations of experience in the design and production of running and cycling clothing. When you choose ES16 as a business partner, you get world-class cycling clothing that doesn't just look sharp, it's also fantastically delicious to wear.

ES16 makes cycling clothing  for clubs, associations, professional teams, networks, cycling races, companies or other groups that like cycling. See examples further down.

It is an exciting process to create your own running or cycling clothing. With ES16 as a business partner, you can safely get through all phases. Based on your ideas and wishes, we will come up with a design proposal for you. Once you have approved the design, the garment is put into production. Then you can go with peace of mind and look forward to your new delivery.

We make up to 5 pieces. per style, so you don't have to be a big club or company to get your own special design. We naturally produce both for men, women and children.

We also offer to create your very own website where you can order your team clothes from.

To facilitate the handling process for clubs and companies, we offer shipping of the clothing to each individual user.

Cycling and running clothing with print

At ES16 we can also make cycling clothing with print. That is that you choose one of our existing designs and we get your logo printed on it. Then we can deliver within about 14 days. When you get cycling clothing made with your own print, it doesn't last forever. This makes it difficult if they are made from scratch where it is printed on from the factory. This process takes about 6-8 weeks for delivery. There is also free choice in terms of design and colours.

Prices and qualities of cycling clothing, tri-clothing and running clothing

Here is a sample of our large program that we offer in our cycling clothing. Everything can be made in your very own design and everything is made from scratch, where everything is colored from the factory.

All prices apply to clothing that is produced in individual design, and not something you take from our existing collection.

Practical info

Minimum quantity when ordering team wear in your own design: 

Min. 5 pieces. eg. 1 jersey, 2 bib shorts and 2 jackets.

Min. 10 pcs. per article by accessories and Min. 100 pieces. socks in own design.


All logos must be in the following formats: Ai, eps 


Design start-up costs DKK 995. When ordering more than 10 units, it is free.



The delivery time is usually between 4-8 weeks depending on the season


We also offer to create a webshop for your club completely free of charge, where the members themselves can order from. And we subsequently also handle the shipping of the clothes to the individual members completely free of charge.

Here you can see our models, disregard the design because we can make it exactly as you want it. All models are available in both men's and women's models. Many models are also made in children's models.

All prices are incl. VAT and delivery

ES16 cykeltrøje Pro 56


ES16 cykeltrøje Pro razor

ES16 cykeltrøje stripes

ES16 cykeltrøje spinn


ES16 Cykelbukser Elite TEAM Women

ES16 vinterbukser

ES16 Bib tights Pro Rainmem

ES16 baggyshorts

ES16 cykeljakke Elite Mission Flow. Vind og regnjakke.

ES16 cykeljakke Elite Mission Flow. Vind og regnjakke. Med aftagelige ærmer.


ES16 Jakke PRO RAINMEM vinterjakke

ES16 Pro Temps Long sleeve jersey.



ES16 strømper Pro

ES16 benvarmer

ES16 Armvarmer

ES16 Cap



At ES16, we sell a large selection of triathlon clothing. As a triathlete, you know how important it is to wear the right clothes when exercising. The tri clothing is specially designed for this particular sport. We have speedsuits, skinsuits, tops and trousers in our range. All the clothes can be designed in whatever design you want.

ES!& skinsuit

ES16 skinsuit

ES16 skinsuit sleeveless

ES16 skinsuit

ES16 Jersey Long Sleeve PRO 18 | ULTRACOOLES16 TOP PRO 18 | RevolutionalES16 Shorts PRO 12 | Dry-Tech.


At ES16 we make running clothes in the design you want. You can completely customize your own design with company logo or whatever else you want to wear. We are responsible for the design process, so you ensure that you get the best result. All styles are available in both men's and women's models.

ES16 Running Shorts ACTIVE 03 | Lycra

ES16 Running 3/4 Tights ACTIVE 03 | Lycra

ES16 Running Tights ACTIVE 03 | Lycra

ES16 løbetrøje RACE 03 | Alketis

ES16 løbe T-shirt FITNESS 16 | MicroFit

ES16 Running Singlet PERFORMANCE 01 | Revolutional

ES16 Running Singlet MARATHON 01 | SPINN

ES16 Running Shorts PERFORMANCE 05 | Revolutional

ES16 Running T-Shirt L/S RACE 03 | Alketis

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