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Team clothing for cycling clubs and companies

At ES16 you can get exactly the design you dream of. Only the imagination sets limits on how the finished result will be. See here some of the few examples of team clothing we have made for companies and clubs.

Cycling clothing and running clothing in individual design

At ES16, we are specialists in team clothing and can help you design and produce exactly the collection of cycling clothing and running clothing you dream of. We make for over 200 clubs and companies a year. It ranges from everything from small clubs and companies that need to have a few sets made. For large cycling clubs and companies that need several hundred sets. It only takes 5 units to have your own design made, it can e.g. be 2 cycling jerseys, 2 cycling trousers and a vest. What is the same for everyone is that we do not compromise on quality. All our styles are used and developed by the Pro tour team ALPECIN-DECEUNINCK. This ensures our high standard always plays. Below we have shown some examples of some of the cycling clothing we make. Read more here about the whole concept, both regarding prices and styles. Teamwear 2.0 -

Backroad Cycling

Here we have made the clothes for Backroad Cycling, which is a cycling club in Aarhus, with just under 100 active members. Backroad runs both on racers, gravel bikes and MTB


Here we have created design and cycling clothing for Maersk

Brørup cycling club

After an exciting process with Brørup cycling club, we ended up with this super nice design. We have also created their own webshop so that all their members could easily and conveniently order their clothes.

MTB Otter

MTB Odder is a large MTB club in East Jutland, where we have made their clothes for the last 4 years.

Bornholm Cycling

Another exciting task, when we were asked by Bornhom cycling if we wanted to make their team clothes. They were very clear about their design requirements. So the process was quick and the clothes are now running around Bornholm


New clothes collaboration with the Ultra athlete Rasmus Appelt Winther, who will soon run the Race around the Netherlands 1890 km. Thanks for the coffee

Rasmus says:

I make high demands on all the equipment I use because during a race there is no time to mess around with things that don't work, everything has been tested and tested for the smallest mistake can cost you the winning participation in the race.
Race around the netherlands can offer all kinds of weather and so it is important to be dressed for it. That's why I'm very happy that ES16 has taken up the challenge of delivering a complete series of clothes that can be used in all imaginable weather conditions. In the picture, however, it is only the short version, but there will also be a long version, rain jacket and wind vest. I can't wait for it all to come home and I can test it before I leave.
Thanks for good guidance and good cooperation to Thomas from ES16.

JustGo cycling

JustGo Cycling and Arla have collaborated to create this delicious set for Denmark's up-and-coming cycling community. We made the design in clean lines, but at the same time easily recognisable.

When design runs away

This was a great fun task with some creative people who wanted something that was easily recognizable and at the same time completely unique. And it must be said that the design clearly does this.


We were really happy to be selected to make cycling clothes for Denmark's first MTB orienteering club called MTB-O

Skanderborg Mountain Bike Club

If you live in East Jutland, it is difficult to avoid coming across this clothing. Skanderborg MTB is one of the largest mountain bike clubs in Denmark. We have now supplied them with clothes for almost 3 years. To make it easy for the club, we created a webshop for them, where they could order their clothes themselves.


BMC is a large cycling club near Aarhus that has had this super crisp clothing set made. Very stylish and simple in all aspects.

Nature Team

Nature Team is a company in Randers who are quite fond of cycling. We have designed this cool cycling clothing for them. It is 3 years in a row that they have had new clothes and designs.

Team clothes for Sydbank

For 4 years in a row, we have supplied this beautiful clothing to Sydbank's large business network.

Harlev road cycling

For the last 3 seasons, we have now supplied cycling clothing to Harlev's 100-strong cycling club.

CT Aarhus

CT Århus is a cycling club with both elite and exercisers. We had this very stylish design made for them, but at the same time very recognizable out on the road.

The chain

The chain is a large business network with over 30 business leaders. All networking takes place on the bike and several annual trips to beautiful Italy. We have been making clothes for them for the last 5 years.


It's really cool when we get a fun task like making something cool and special design for Denmark's hippest Pizzaria FRANKIES. Within a short time it can be seen in all your restaurants in Denmark.

1900 MTB

If you live in Aarhus, it's hard to avoid seeing this beautiful cycling clothing that we have made for 1900 MTB

Gravel Cartel Australia

A single post on our instagram, ended up in us now making clothes for Australia's largest gravel community. So today we make both jackets, bibs and caps for them.

Team Otter

Team Odder is one of East Jutland's largest cycling clubs with a very wide range. They often drive in groups of up to 5 on the country road. They are also very active on mtb and gravel.


Here we have had the pleasure of making team clothes for Team Quickpay, which is both an exercise and license race.

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