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Cycling jackets

At ES16 we make cycling jackets that are very functional. We develop both cycling jackets for rain, wind and cold weather. What characterizes our jackets is that they are all made of breathable material. This means that you can always breathe in your cycling jacket.We only produce in the best factories in Europe, as we set high standards for quality and the environment.

Cycling jackets

If you cycle, it may often be necessary to wear a cycling jacket. Either because you cycle outdoors in cold weather, or you just need to use your cycling jacket until you warm up. In our range you will find a large selection of cycling jackets in different designs and materials. However, they all have in common that the quality is top notch and are equipped with extra hard-wearing materials, which make them extra durable - and the cycling jackets can last for many years to come.

How to choose your next cycling jacket
A cycling jacket is an item of clothing that you will probably use on many cycling trips. Therefore, it is also important to think carefully before making a purchase. In our range you will find both cycling jackets for the summer and winter months. In addition, they are available in both small and large sizes. So no matter what body shape you are, you will find a cycling jacket for work that covers your needs.

Below we will come up with our quick guide for selecting your next cycling jacket. If you are still in doubt afterwards - contact us and we will help you further in the best way possible.

  • Should it be a cycling jacket for summer or winter? Our prices have been reduced all the way, so you can buy one of each, so you don't suddenly have to panic buy when the weather changes.

  • What materials should it be in? You probably already have some clear preferences as to whether your cycling jacket should be soft, breathable or made of strong material. Maybe all three things at once? You can easily find this in our range. You will find detailed product descriptions for each jacket, which can make you more informed about your purchase.

  • Does it have to be waterproof? The weather is very changeable in Denmark, and you never know when the next rain cloud will come. Therefore, it may be a good idea to buy a cycling jacket that is waterproof - which many of our jackets are on this page.

  • Does it have to be reflective? In the range here at ES16 you will find a whole lot of cycling jackets with reflectors. Some versions even have removable sleeves so it can be converted into a vest. The reflective jackets ensure high visibility in traffic or in the forest.

  • Do you need many pockets? Fortunately, this is found in many of the cycling jackets, where both comfort and functionality have been carefully considered. In the pockets you have space for both the mobile phone, energy bar etc.

  • And not least the design. As many cycling jackets as there are, there are as many different designs. Therefore, you should undoubtedly be able to find a cycling jacket that suits your taste.
    You will find the cycling jackets in different colors – both the neutral ones and the slightly more colorful ones.

Should you be in doubt about which size to get, you can always take a look at our size guide which should give you a clear idea of ​​the size of your next cycling jacket. In addition, it is recommended to always buy the jacket a little too big, so that there is room for a warm and thick sweater in the winter.

Cycling jackets for spring

In our range you will find some light jackets, but which still retain the heat. These cycling jackets are great for spring and transition months. This can be, for example, Long sleeve jersey for both men and women, which is made of a soft material that is both wind-resistant and warm. In the range you will also find rain jackets.

Cycling jackets for winter and freezing temperatures
There is nothing more annoying than freezing – and especially if it is during a long bike ride. Fortunately, you can keep warm in our good winter jackets, which you will find here in the range. You will find heavy padded cycling jackets which are made of the best materials and keep the cold out.

Our cycling jackets are tested in extreme cold conditions, which ensures that you get a jacket of superior quality - and jackets that can handle all kinds of weather. You will find different models of winter jackets. Feel free to choose a model that goes down slightly above the lower back - so that it also protects the bum.

Cycling jackets with many functions

A cycling jacket should ideally contain 3 pockets, so you have room for both energy and the mobile phone. In addition, many of thecycling jacketsalso have removable sleeves, which provide greater flexibility. In general, the jackets contain many smart functions that can be very useful during a long cycling day.

In most of the cycling jackets there is a very special pocket for the mobile phone. Today, the mobile phone is indispensable in every respect. That's why the jackets are designed so that you can always quickly grab your mobile phone, and where it is protected at the same time, so that the screen does not get scratched or hit.

The pockets are something that you often need in cycling jackets – among other things for energy. The pockets in the jackets are also made of a strong material so that they do not suddenly jump up in the stitching.

In our range of cycling jackets, we have both wind jackets and rain jackets. Some of the models are easy to take off and put in the pocket of your cycling jersey. This is often an advantage with the thin cycling jacket, as they do not take up much space and are easy to carry on the trip in a pocket.

at the same time the screw is all the way down. You'll find a great selection of cycling jackets on sale right now. You can also sort the range so that you see the cheapestcycling jacketsfirst - and the most expensive jackets last. But even with the most expensive cycling jackets most people can afford it.

Cycling jackets for men and women

At ES16 we make cycling jackets for both men and women. Some of our cycling jackets are also unisex, as they are very flexible in the fabric. The biggest difference between the jackets is that the women's models are slightly wider in the hips due to of the female forms. If you need a women's cycling jacket or a men's cycling jacket, you've come to the right place.

Cycling rain jackets and reflective jackets

At ES16 we make the best rain jackets for cycling. When making cycling rain gear, it is very important that you can breathe in them. Therefore, it is not physically possible to make a cycling rain jacket for cycling 100% close over a long period of time. Because if it is, then you get wet from the inside because you can't get rid of the heat. We make our cycling rain gear for both women and men. We also have reflective jackets where they act as a sea of ​​light when the light hits them. At the same time, our reflective jackets are also wind and waterproof

If you have any questions about our cycling jackets, you are always welcome to contact us with both big and small questions.

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