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Cycling pants

Cycle trousers are indispensable when you cycle, this applies both in the forest and on the country road. When you cycle on country roads, gravel or mountain bikes, you need cycling trousers that are both hard-wearing and durable and at the same time comfortable to wear. Cycling trousers must be able to withstand being used for many hours and kilometres, which is the case with cycling trousers from ES16. In our range you will find a large selection of bib shorts for both men and women, which are produced in the best factories in Europe with several generations of experience. Their many years on the market are reflected in the products, which only offer high quality. We continuously develop and quality-assure our products, so that they remain some of the very best on the cycling pants market.

Cycling pants in durable materials

The cycling pants that you will find on our webshop have a good fit, which makes them extremely comfortable to wear for several hours straight. Cycling trousers also provide good mobility, and even though they are made of a very durable material, they neither feel uncomfortable nor stiff against the body.

It is necessary that the cycling trousers are made of durable material, which increases durability. Both comfort and quality have been thought of - right down to the smallest detail. In many of the bib shorts, the seams are double-stitched and taped, which gives greater durability.

Achieve greater cycling pleasure with quality cycling trousers

When cycling outdoors in Denmark, the weather can be both your best friend and your worst enemy. There is almost nothing better than being outdoors in the Danish summer weather, regardless of whether you are cutting hedges, or building a new terrace and vegetable garden, or are out enjoying a bike ride. But the weather can of course also offer rain, sleet and wind - and here it is extremely important that you wear good cycling trousers, where the focus is on quality. Choose some bib shorts that can withstand all kinds of weather. Remember that you will also find cycling shorts in our range, which are excellent for the very hot days.

If you are on your mtb or gravel bike, you can easily ride in baggy shorts. These provide extra protection from rain and wind. Likewise, baggy shorts are also a trend you see more and more on the forest paths and in the city. They are trendy to use and at the same time you have many advantages by wearing these baggy shorts. Among other things. there are often pockets where you can carry your wallet or phone.

Cycle pants for spinning or home trainer

At ES16 we also make cycling pants especially for indoor cycling. It has become incredibly popular to go spinning or ride a home trainer and use all the online programs available on the market such as Zwift or bkool. This places special demands on your cycling trousers when you have to ride indoors. We have taken this into account. Because these must be made of material where you can easily breathe in and get rid of the heat, since you don't have the wind to cool you down.

Cycling pants for winter

It can be cold to move out in the Danish autumn and winter weather. Therefore, it may be a good idea to get a pair of warm long cycling pants that you can wear when the temperatures are at the low end. You will of course also find these long cycling trousers in our range. Cycling pants with long legs, also called bib tights, are available both with and without pads. The vast majority buy winter cycling trousers without a pad and use short cycling trousers underneath. This gives you extra insulation on your thighs where the cold air hits you. We also make winter cycling trousers which are extra warm. This is made of a special material that is extra strong and water-repellent.

Cycling pants must be neat

Even if you are wearing cycling trousers, you can easily go smartly dressed. In our range you will find cycling trousers where a lot of focus has been placed on the beautiful and simple design. You will even find some cycling pants where, at first glance, you won't even notice that they are cycling pants.

The cycling pants come in stylish and neutral colours. In the range you will find, among other things, black, army green, gray and blue cycling trousers. You can also find matching cycling jackets and cycling jerseys for this.

So you can be smartly dressed for the bike tours, where the focus is on good quality and high comfort. You get all this for a really good price.

Men's cycling pants

Our selection of cycling pants for men is very large. We have both our Tempus, Pro and Elite models. The men's cycling trousers are available in several colours, including black, blue and grey. This means that you can put together a cool set with the right colors.

Cycling Pants Ladies

We also have several models of our women's cycling trousers. When talking about women's cycling pants, it is important that the pad and the fit are tailored to the female form. Our women's cycling pants in Tempus have a harness that goes between the breasts. This means that the braces do not bother the breasts when cycling.

How to choose your new cycling pants

When you have to choose your new cycling pants, there are some things that you should take into account.

  • Find the right size. We have many sizes to choose from on our site, and if you are in doubt, you can always use our detailed size guide. In addition, you of course always have the option of sending your trousers back if they do not fit the size. If you have extra long legs, you will also find cycling pants with an extra good length.

  • Find cycling pants that meet your needs. In the range you will find cycling trousers for all needs. This applies to both long bike rides and short bike rides. Or whether you're going out on your mountain bike, gravel bike or just a great ride on the racing bike.


  • Should the cycling pants be used primarily indoors or outdoors? Some cycling trousers are designed to withstand all kinds of outdoor weather, and are extra waterproof. While others are lighter in material and primarily aimed at indoor cycling.

Are you left with any questions? Or in doubt about which cycling pants to buy? Then contact us by telephone: Tel.: +45 60 54 90 12 or E-mail:, where we will advise you in the best way. If you call outside our opening hours, you can always send us a message via the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

In addition, it is worth remembering that we offer free delivery on purchases over DKK 399. Feel free to explore our range and see if you need to add more cycling clothing to the shopping basket now that you're already up and running.



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