ES16 Customer Club - Get lots of benefits and better prices absolutely free.

As a member of the club, you get discounts and benefits that benefit you - and it's completely free.

MEMBER BENEFITS AT ES16 customer club

  • Create an account and get 200 points
  • Discounts when you earn points - get up to 20% off
  • Free 200 points as birthday present 
  • Refer a customer and they get a 10% discount and you get 5%
  • Make a product review and get 100 points
  • Register for newsletter and get 100 points
  • Follow us on Instagram and get 100 points
  • For every DKK 100 you buy, you save 25 points

Sign up here:

Once you have registered, you must confirm your registration on your email. It may well be in your spam filter. Once you have confirmed your membership, you can shop freely.

How to use your points 

click the button reward ”Copy” the discount code and insert the code in the field at checkout and redeem your discount. Important press only the discount rate you need. For example, if it is 20% you have to redeem, then it is only the one you have to press and no others.

You can read more about our membership benefits below, as well as sign up for free.

For every time you buy for DKK 100, you earn 25 points

200 points = 5% discount

400 points = 10% discount

600 points = 15% discount

1000 points = 20% discount

You can redeem

at any time

your points, and always remember to log in when you shop with us.

It is very simple and straightforward. Just click on the “Rewards” tab and you will see the list of all the discounts you can redeem your points for. So you can greatly increase your savings. Remember to always be logged into your customer club, both when you shop and when you need to use your points. When you want to use your points, just copy the discount code and enter it at check out.

If you e.g. have earned 1000 points, you get a 20% discount on the order you place. And this does not matter whether you buy for DKK 100 or DKK 2000. After the purchase, you will have 155 points + those you have just saved up with the purchase.

PS. Points cannot be used for team clothing for clubs and companies. But you save points when buying team clothes.

You cannot use your points in the customer club together with other discount codes.