ES16 is always looking for brand ambassadors!

What does it mean? We want to spread the word about our brand, and we believe the best way to do that is through our biggest fans. Is that you?

What do ambassadors get?

Ambassadors for ES16 are in for a treat. We want to delight you so much that you'll (hopefully) love the brand even more. Among other things, you'll get:

Big discounts on our products.
Access to limited editions.
Invitations to photo shoots.
Ambassador promo codes.
Early access to new styles.
Shoutouts on social media.

What does it take to become a brand ambassador?

We expect brand ambassadors to have a genuine interest in our brand. We don't require you to already own our products, but it helps.

We'll evaluate you on:

Publicly demonstrating an interest in cycling and fashion.
The appearance of your social network accounts, such as instagram and facebook
The number of followers on your social network accounts.
Experience with ES16.
Geographical location.

How to become a brand ambassador:

Apply to become a brand ambassador by writing an email to Write about 300 words about you and your motivation to become an ambassador. It is important that you include links to your social media accounts.

We look forward to hearing from you!