Plus Size Cycling and Running Clothing

Cycling and running clothes for plus size men and women, what a headline and the dear child has many names. Cycling and running clothes in plus sizes, plus size clothes for women and men.
But whatever we call it, it's all about being able to find cycling and running clothes that you can not only fit, but also look good in. That's why we've chosen to make all our styles in both cycling and running clothes in plus sizes.

A lot of the cycling and running clothing available in the large sizes are just small models that are scaled up. It just doesn't give the best results. More often than not, it makes you look even bigger than you are, and the clothes rarely fit you nicely. And if you want clothes that look nice and stylish, you're really working overtime.

At ES16, we demand that our clothes fit the shape of your body. A perfect fit makes you feel comfortable in your cycling or running clothes.

It's about looking good and feeling good, whether you have curves or not.

We know it can be hard to find running and cycling clothing in large sizes, so we've focused on sizes that come 4XL in men and 2XL in women.

At ES16, we're specialists in cycling clothing. We also make cycling clothing for large men and women. So if you have a little extra on your side legs, you can definitely find some cycling clothes with us that will fit. We make all our models in PLUS SIZE, so there's no limit to our styles.

The last surveys done in 2019, over 50% of Denmark's population was overweight. This is a gigantic problem that unfortunately often has unfortunate consequences. It's the biggest challenge to our public health, so get on your bike. We have the clothes, you have the desire :-)

Please call if you are not sure which size you need or check our SIZEGUIDE

If, against all odds, the size doesn't fit, we have free shipping both ways, so you can always get it exchanged at no extra cost.

We look forward to delivering cycling clothes to you. Best regards Team ES16

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