Velomore tests gravel collection from Danish ES16

We have tested the gravel-specific collection of Danish ES16, which offers an eye-catching design.

Danish cycling brand ES16 was founded by Aarhus-based Thomas Dybdahl in 2016. Designed and developed in Denmark, ES16 makes team clothing for cycling clubs, cycling teams and companies, among others, but also has a wide range of cycling clothing for sale on their website. Velomore has tested the Danish brand's collection of cycling clothing for gravel.

ES16 has their clothing produced by Czech company Kalas, who among others supply clothing to the World Tour team Alpecin-Deceuninck. This is really good quality cycling clothing. It fits well on the body and the material feels nice and durable.

The tested bibs, Tempus, are the top model from ES16 and are made with a focus on comfort and a snug fit. The shorts are made with side panels that conform to the body, meaning they fit really snugly around the legs. They fit snugly without being too strappy or uncomfortable. We've tested the bibs over a long period of time on both short and longer rides and they work optimally on even the longest rides in the saddle. They look great, they fit well (even after multiple washes) and they don't bother in any way. The padding in the pants is really comfortable. It provides maximum comfort and protection and you hardly notice it's there.

We tested two tops - one short-sleeved jersey and one long-sleeved jersey. The shirts are made in a checkered pattern and we love it. Some might say the bright and colourful look is a bit over the top, but here at the editorial office the look is getting rave reviews.

The fit of the shirts is on the tight side. Both shirts are made with elastic inserts under the arms, which ensures a good anatomical fit and the laser-cut ends on the sleeves of the short-sleeved jersey make the shirt fit snugly around the arms. The jersey is not aerodynamic as such - does it even need to be for gravel? - but it still fits snugly in all the right places.

The long-sleeved jersey is made of an elastic material throughout, so it fits snugly around the entire upper body. Its fit is a bit more aerodynamic than the fit of the short-sleeved jersey, which means they fit relatively tight. We tested both jerseys in a size M, but could have done with the long-sleeved jersey in a size L.

According to ES16, the long-sleeve jersey is suitable for temperatures between 10 and 20 degrees. And while that's probably not entirely wrong, it's at the lower end of the temperature spectrum that it does best. The jersey has worked well on early trips in the balmy Danish summer weather, but I'd guess it would also work well in the spring and fall with a thin sweater underneath.

In addition to shorts and jerseys, we tested ES16's gravel socks, Fast Marino Blue GRVL, and their quick-drying base layer, Sleveless mesh base layer. Both have been a good acquaintance and the socks in particular have become a favourite on both the gravel and the road.

With the GRVL collection, Danish ES16 presents a stylish and functional range of clothing for gravel cycling that can also easily be worn on the road if you like bright and eye-catching colours. It looks good, it fits well and it performs just as it should.

See the clothes here: GRVL -

August 04, 2022 — Thomas Dybdahl

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