Cycling trousers for women

ES16 makes top quality cycling pants for women. Our women's cycling trousers are specially designed for the female anatomy. All our women's bibs are with women's pads, so they fit comfortably, for both short and long rides. Our best advice is to never compromise on cycling pants. There's nothing worse than wearing a pair of cycling pants that don't fit properly. It can ruin the whole experience of your bike ride.

You can get both women's cycling pants with suspenders and without suspenders. Without suspenders has the advantage that when or if you have to pee, it's much easier. But we definitely recommend women's cycling pants with suspenders. They fit much better and stay in place during the ride.

Women's cycling trousers in durable materials

Our women's cycling trousers , which you will find in our webshop, have a good fit which makes them comfortable to wear on those long rides. It is important that the cycling trousers provide good mobility, and although they are made of a very durable material, it feels neither uncomfortable nor stiff against the body.

quality cycling trousers for many purposes

Your cycling trousers can be used on all bikes. It doesn't matter if you're riding gravel, mtb or on your road bike. However, some use rear shorts for gravel and mountain biking, also you wear your cycling pants underneath. Baggy shorts give an extra protection against bad weather also it has a cool look.

Women's winter cycling trousers

When the cold weather sneaks up on you, a pair of winter bibtights are really good to have. They are made with padding and without padding. There are many opinions on what is best. The advantage of using women's winter cycling tights without a pad is that you wear your cycling shorts underneath, this means you have 2 layers on the thighs which gives extra insulation.